John Silvestri, Esq

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Be taxed at the lowest level on your real estate. Explore a real estate tax assessment appeal to decrease your taxes, or explore defending a school district, city, boro or township appeal intended to increase your property assessment. Call 412-512-4902 for a consultation without charge.  Click here to retain John Silvestri.

Fees for assessment appeals to reduce your taxes are contingent on a reduction in tax liabilities for the year or years covered by the appeal.  Future years of the lower assessment are 100% enjoyed by you.  To defend a government appeal to increase your assessment, fees are flat, based on the work required after a phone call interview.


John Silvestri was licensed as an attorney in Pennsylvania in 1975. Over the years, his real estate related practiced areas include, zoning, land development regulations, acquisitions, sales, financing, construction disputes, quiet title / adverse possession actions, specific performance actions, real property casualty and liability insurance issues. From 1978 to 1997, he worked as a solicitor for the Allegheny County Board of Property Assessment, Appeals and Review. He is also licensed as a Real Estate Broker in the States of Pennsylvania and Florida, which qualifies him to appraise real estate in Florida for real estate tax assessment purposes.

Residential (multi-unit buildings, single family), Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Industrial