John Silvestri, Esq

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John Silvestri in the Courtroom, and as a Coach for Legal Issues in Pennsylvania

Flat fees for coaching and other matters are based on an initial phone interview without charge, 412-512-4902.

Coaching services recognize that many do not need a lawyer to get through a transaction, or to defend or pursue a small or medium size claim.  All that is needed is good coaching to attain a desired result, or to obtain an edge.  Coaching services are available to young lawyers too!

I have 40+ years of experience in many courtrooms, and in many conference rooms, where transactions are negotiated and court cases are settled.

My court experience and coaching abilities include employment issues, contract issues, insurance issues, damage issues, accidents, divorce issues, lease issues, bankruptcy issues, unfair trade practices issues, copyright issues, and patent issues, on both sides of these types of cases, and suing the IRS in U.S. Tax Court.  My legal coaching includes preparing papers for you to file in Court, outlining what you need to say in a hearing, lining up your exhibits, and negotiating a deal to get you out of a hearing.

I understand human nature, human desires and needs.  Some of you are knowledgeable and comfortable doing things on your own.  Some of you desire guidance at every new step in a process.  My skill is making the seemingly complex simple, creating a plan, and giving direction to act on it.